I’m Voting For Seth Williams for D.A.

May 17th isn’t being talked about in the news to any great degree. There is little discussion about local politics besides that of corruption. Is there any wonder why turnout has been so low in local primary races?

Help change that this 17th. For why I feel Seth Williams is our best choice, see an earlier a co-authored editorial by Matt and me at PF.

Pledge your vote and get others to take notice.

For the rest of our regional web’s thoughts on Seth Williams and this race, please see Philly Future.

A huge shout out to Young Philly Politics. Dan and his team are doing a great job getting people involved in this conversation.

Get involved. You have the power.

One thought on “I’m Voting For Seth Williams for D.A.

  1. Philly bloggers keep moving for Seth Williams

    Today, we have our third, and hopefully biggest day of action for Seth Williams. The goal ? Get as many people as possible to sign quick e-pledges to come out and vote for Seth. It is simple, quick, easy and

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