2 thoughts on “So that was Time’s blog of the year ehh?

  1. Yes, the comment thread is pretty hateful. Wanting to disbar the man because he responded with a stupid, childish email. Wanting to expose him to all of his clients, so hopefully, what, his private opinion can be used against him? Not to mention publishing an email response, which is, contrary to the opinion of those in the thread, normally considered somewhat private?

    To be honest, Karl, these are all sad people with no life, desperate for a few of the crumbs being scattered by the Media. Minnesota Politics, Atrios, and Powerline.

  2. Yeah, that thread is outta control. It’s a shame there are so few voices trying to get people to talk to one another and there are so many who want to encourage division – to point a finger.

    That Gannon guy got a White House press pass, when legitimate members of the press could not get one. It’s a real security question that I think the administration should answer. Instead we get partisan sniping and the original question.. the Gannon question – gets lost.

    I met Atrios Shelley, and my feeling is he’s a good soul. I don’t think he fits into the same mold as a Powerline does. I think he would rather admit a mistake than attack the other side as a matter of course. I might be biased, however, since his politics lean my way 🙂

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