A shameful request

Did you know there was a Firefox extension that shows you the Google PageRank of any page? It works great.

One thing I found out right away was that my home page has Google juice. Philly Future has none. Zilch. So I ask you, my fellow friendly bloggers, let the world know where to find our humble Philadelphia blogger online newspaper.

6 thoughts on “A shameful request

  1. I’ll also write something and link to the site in the next couple of days Karl. In the meantime, a suggestion: sign the philly site’s url as your weblog url for a couple of weeks.

    Well, except for sites that implement nofollow that is…

  2. Thanks Shelley 🙂

    I’ve been signing with Philly Future’s url in situations where it fits the context of the conversation. Shame on me for not being more promotional minded 🙂

  3. I’m linked in…glad others are sharing the juice…say, Karl, do you know if there’s a Firefox 1.0 version of the Google page ranking? That sounds like a fun add-on.

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