Looks like I need to work on my commenting system

Saddly, I am coming to understand why some bloggers are I respect, like Rafe, have decided to forgo allowing comments on their site.

I don’t want to go that route since I think so much of blogging is about the conversation. It’s a two way virtuous street. As Dan Gillmor says – my readers know more than I do – and we can both learn together.

So I’m not going to eliminate comments entirely. I’m going to enforce having you register to post them. This site is for you, my friends, so I’m sure you won’t mind having to do this. It will keep the comment spammers out, and anybody else who wants to post anonymously to hijack my site for their own purposes. Apologies for any inconvenience.

In the meantime, if you have an issue or idea related to a subject I am posting about – feel free to email me.