Philadelphia Considers Free Citywide Wireless Access

Details at Slashdot.

Would be great to see a discussion at Philly Future.

And you folks who know me – I rarely say this so apologies – but I told ya so.

It’s terrific that that there are people with vision looking towards the future in Philadelphia in a very bold way.

Anyway, I probably can’t discuss this subject at any length since I work for an ISP and have conflicts of interest.

3 thoughts on “Philadelphia Considers Free Citywide Wireless Access

  1. Real nice. The city says it can’t afford to keep those firehouse’s open because of a 6.5 million dollar budget gap, but they’ll spend 10 million to offer FREE wireless access. This city’s priorities are really fucked up.

    No wonder the people who can move out are splitting by the tens of thousands.

    Sounds like another way for that crook Street to line his pockets.

    Simply sickening.

  2. I think they should find the money for the firehouses right away, in either case.

    I believe that this is just the kind of investment that can bring in more tax revenue, which can help ease these budget problems in the first place.

  3. Tax Revenue?

    Firemen budget issue aside for a second.

    What happens to the small ISP’s when they put up this network and give away service for free?

    The city will destroy in one swoop all the small guys who were barely making a profit in the first place. Then you have guys like me who pay $50 a month for broadband services. Is Street going to go to comcast and ask them to drop rates?

    I highly doubt it.

    Btw, who got that sweetheart deal for a new highrise offices in center city? Oh that’s right comcast did. While the city doesn’t give tax breaks to any other company but the one’s that line street’s pockets.

    Philadelphia’s current admin, is a joke, bordering on illegal. The city workers contracts are also in a bad way. So, now you’re talking about people that have worked for the city asking for raises and they are told the city can’t afford it. The police were just given a raise (in wording) over the next 4 years. And now they say they might not be able to come up with the cash for all 4 years.

    But hey! Wait a minute, lets spend 10 million on wireless internet service and cover the whole stinking city. Here’s a question Karl, while they are out hanging the relay’s and transmitters on the utility poles high above the street, are they going to pickup all the filthy garbage that lines the streets?

    I doubt it.

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