One America

John Edwards gave a terrific speech last night furthering a major theme in the convention: it’s time for unity. Little talked about in the news is just how great his wife, Elizabeth’s, introduction was.

So much is not being seen on the major stations. As Garret says: Do CSPAN or PBS.

TV is really failing us. You need to read the papers, or visit the bloggers for any kind or interesting or in depth coverage. On ABC I heard one of their anchors describe their coverage as “gavel to gavel”. In what universe?

2 thoughts on “One America

  1. “Hope is on the way!”

    As John Edwards mentioned in his speech last night.

    I’ve been following the coverage from as many possible sources as I can find.

    I missed Dean and most of Ron Reagan’s speech the other night. I ended up catching up on the mail at has archived coverage on their website.

    I don’t rely on major news networks for anything anymore. Since they’re all too busy yapping through most of the coverage to gleem anything important.

    I can say this from what I have seen so far. My gut is starting to feel the change in the tides and I hope tonights speech by Kerry finishes off the job.

    I see alot of American’s attending these conventions dates with tears in the eyes. I see a passion kicking back in to the public who are watching. I only pray that these two guys can finish what they’ve started.

    I liked what Ted Kennedy said the other night.

    “We don’t dislike the republicans, in fact we’d like to invite them to a nice tea party. Right down the road at the Boston Harbour.”

    America, finish this. Vote Kerry in November!

  2. That goes double for me Neo. I’ve gone to a couple meetups and am starting to get personally involved myself. I think, far from being ‘polarized’ – people are simply getting motivated and see the Kerry Edwards ticket as their platform and way to make a difference. I hope so. Down with the division and feer the GOP has been promoting and exploiting and time to get out and vote.

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