First Night Over And The Biggest News Is…

Local weblogger Atrios’s unmasking is the biggest shared news item among many convention webloggers. Go Atrios!

In all seriousness, Atrios’s story and effect are news and hopefully now that he is public, a real profile can be done on how and why he does what he does and is so effective at it.

Fox News talked over a powerful rendition of Amazing Grace, played as memorial to 9/11. You know Fox News – they hate America.

Unmentioned among ALL the convention webloggers, and suspiciously not shown on CN8 (Comcast’s news network) or CNN is David Alston. His tribute to serving with Kerry in Vietnam was moving and even from TV, you could tell he had the convention floor rocking.

The NYTimes catches a theme that I picked up on, the speakers represented a half a century of Democratic leadership. From Al Gore, to Carter, to Bill and Hillary Clinton, their speeches were tough and optimistic. With a good dash of humor thrown in by all.

“Strength and wisdom are not opposing values.”

President Clinton, Democratic National Convention, 2004