Pistons Top Lakers to Win NBA Title

A coworker told me he couldn’t stand basketball. That it is now dominated by superstars more concerned with their own stats and showboating. Well last night a group of superstars got blown out by a real team.

Congrats to Larry Brown and the Pistons from us folks in Philly.

One thought on “Pistons Top Lakers to Win NBA Title

  1. Yeah congrats to Larry Brown.

    (Larry looked like he knew the series was fixed from jump)

    And a big middle finger to the owner of the Detroit Pistons who just happens to own the Tampa Bay Lightning (who also won the Stanley Cup this year)And who also owns a WNBA league who won a championship.

    Wonder how much those championships cost this billionaire.

    It’s a sad day for professional sports when money decides who wins.

    If you watched the trophy awards (NBA) you’ll notice that the NBA commish handed the trophy to the owner first.

    I can’t remember ever seeing the owner get the trophy first before the manager of the team touches it; or the captain of the team.

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