“Big Government” Is Back, And Brought “Big Brother” With Him

I now have read a second news article pointing to a President Bush initiative that scares me like no other.

Since the second article is at a news magazine I despise, a right wing mouth piece, I want to give you the first story I read on the subject: Bush plans to screen whole US population for mental illness (BMJ.com). BMJ is the British Medical Journal. I had dismissed this as sounding too crazy to be true. But the article did point to the actual the proposal, titled the “New Freedom Initiative” at the Whitehouse! It exists.

Can someone decifer it and give us the facts? The articles make it sound as if every school child is to be screened and marked for mental illness at a young age as a “preventive” measure. What Orwellian world have we entered?!?! Why havn’t we heard more about this in the news?

Boing Boing originally posted about this last Friday and I’m surprised more webloggers who read Boing Boing didn’t pass it around. Too scary ehh?

Ronald Reagan talked of getting government off our backs while growing the defense department to fight Soviet threat. Bill Clinton declared the era of “Big Government” over and actually shrunk the size of the federal establishment. Now “Big Government” is back. But far worst then ever. We have the most intrusive government in the history of the country. One which attempts to legislate our bedrooms, our bodies, our schools, our words, and now our minds.

Oh, I apologize for not linking to the right wing magazine – but whenever you link to something on the internet, you give it visibility on search engines, which means you give it traffic and influence. I refuse to do that.

2 thoughts on ““Big Government” Is Back, And Brought “Big Brother” With Him

  1. I’ll make a deal with mr b ush. I’ll take some meds if he’ll take his as well.

    (On a serious note)

    When exactly did the federal gov’t gain the right to make the children of America be force fed medication?

    Was I sleeping when this law was passed?

    As each day passes I find it harder and harder to see the country I grew up in.

    This plan is nothing more than a way for big drug business companies to make even more billions of dollars. You have thought after AARP jumped on the prescription cash cow earlier this year that scamming seniors and poor with those medicare bills would have been enough.

    There seems to be no end to the greed and stupidity that is destroying and erroding our country.

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