Another Anti Democratic Supreme Court Decision

I thought that the Supreme Court is above partisanship. I was definitely wrong. The court has decided to protect the anonymity of those attending a Cheney ran meeting on energy policy (Yahoo!). This is the same court that stripped away our implied right to anonymity for any other citizen of the United States earlier in the week.

And to top it off, I guess Cheney’s feeling good about himself now, he tells a senator to F— off (Yahoo!).

Going to see Fahrenheit 9/11 is now an act of protest and free speech. Do it and make sure you thank the movie theaters showing it (thanks to fellow Kerry Meetup folk for that idea).

4 thoughts on “Another Anti Democratic Supreme Court Decision

  1. Buying my tickets tonite.

    I hope this movie comes in at #1 this weekend.

    After all the crap they’ve been saying about this movie ie. Oh it’s full of lies etc.

    And last night I saw the news talking about the election commission trying to ban any advertising of this film in the run up to the November election; which is totally BS.

    I’m going to buy it when it is released, on the matter of principle alone.

    Vote Kerry 2004!

  2. BTW. As for what the Supreme Court did earlier this week:

    Just kill the 4th Amendment and get it over with.

    While they’re at it they might as well change the miranda to say: You have no right to say anything.

  3. I just got back from a local United Artist Theatre near my house and as it turns out they aren’t carrying this movie. It’s quite strange that when I checked their website this morning the location nearest to me had F 911 listed. I walked in to get tickets in advance and they now say that their location isn’t showing the film.

    I came home and checked their website for that location and it was gone. The nearest UA theatre (Now listed as showing 911F) is up in bumble F*CK.
    Guess they figured they’d list it and let everyone come there then trick them into seeing something else. Pathedic!

    I went to:

    And found a few (and I do mean few) other movie theatre’s carrying it. I’m guessing that the Ritz in downtown philly might be the best spot.

    Freedom of Speech eh? (Must depend on who you’re talking about)

    Where are we now? Feeling like i’m in Germany during Hitler’s time more and more everyday.

    How many theatre’s showed “Blackhawk Down?”

  4. Hey Neo, it looks like the film did great this weekend and set records. Whenever people try to censor something – it just drives interest 🙂

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