Links To Make You Think

It seems that any one of these stories would have been enough to haunt any other administration. Is it a sign of the times that they didn?t stay on our national radar screen longer then they did? Or is it something else? In any case? here goes some links to forgotten stories. Here goes some links to make you think:

Do you remember how the world stood behind the United States after 9/11? Or do you think Europe has always hated us? If the later, then your memory has been altered. Don?t you eat those freedom fries!

What happened to the search for the anthrax attacker?

Speaking of biological attacks, do you remember the fear mongering over smallpox?

How about the wave of rashes among school children (14 states!) back during 2001?

What about the State of the Union yellowcake lie?

In retaliation, the person who exposed the lie, the person who was sent to investigate its validity in the first place, his wife was outted as a CIA agent. There is an investigation reaching into the highest levels of the administration. Did you know that?

They recently found one WMD shell. Utilizing ancient technology. Utilizing tech that it seems everyone and their grandmother has. Enough to go to war over? Then we have a lot more countries to attack!

If we went to democratize Iraq, which was not the President?s stated claim originally (ya know – before we actually went to war), then did you know that democracy is spreading across Africa? Subtly and diplomacy. Seems to go a whole lot farther.

What about the GOP sneaking onto Democratic party systems, which were meant to be secure, but were not, and passing out copies of found memos to the media?

What about Afghanistan? How are things going there? You will only find out if you search for it. The news media seems it could care less.

One thought on “Links To Make You Think

  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah… but Bush is attempting to protect the sanctity of marriage! I mean, childrens’ health, dying soldiers, stymied medical research, ballooning budgets… all of that is meaningless when compared with the horrors of people of the same sex in love who are getting married. They’re gonna bring about the end of the world!!!!!!!!1

    Then again, my spiritual Advisors tell me that that’s okay. Maybe we should ship those f^H^H^H^H^H^H… er, gay peoples to Israel to speed things up?

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