He Was From Philadelphia

Nick Berg, from our area, is someone who only wanted to help in Iraq (Philly.com). He disappeared. No one noticed except for family and friends until the video was released of his murder (Salon). By watching the video, you do exactly what the terrorists want you to do. I ask you to pay respects to the Berg family.

If you need something more fuel your anger at these bastards, then you’re someone with very short memory and are a heartless idiot. There is nothing educational here. There is nothing that needs a new light shown on it. This video was produced by terrorists for our consumption. Bottom line. Then again, if you are confused as to who the real enemy is (al-Qaeda) – then watch it. I don’t see how you can be by this point. I just don’t.

What you can do is get informed.

Things you should know:

  • Lack of due process contributed to his murder (PennLive).

  • “the man who killed Nick Berg, the man who has killed hundreds of Iraqis, could have been taken out long ago by President Bush – but he didn’t do it because it would have hurt his case for war.” (Oliver Willis).

  • “This kind of barbaric behavior will have the same effect it usually has: it will make civilized people around the world more determined than ever to exterminate al-Qaeda and its likeminded brethren. Barbaric behavior doesn’t win wars, it just makes your enemies more dedicated to their cause. This is why it’s so important to eliminate the kind of barbarism exhibited by our own side at Abu Ghraib: because it just makes our enemies stronger. “ (Washington Monthly).

  • One thought on “He Was From Philadelphia

    1. Quite possibly one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen in my life. I had the unfortunate chance to see a similar video of Daniel Pearl after he was killed.

      I’ve come to one conclusion that the evil in this world is only getting worse.

      There is no justification for the cold-blooded murder of this guy. He was there to help.

      What will these people do when the US pulls out completely and leaves?

      This video serves as propaganda against us in our media sources and throughout the world. It is designed to scare anyone who tries to bring change to that place.

      Come June 30th and the handover of power, the US needs to get the hell out of there. There is no win-win in this scenario. It is only kill-kill.

      Come November when Kerry wins, he should immediately have the UN take over. Leaving a small amount of US forces along with other multinational peacekeepers.

      Hopefully the power vacuum doesn’t lead to a worse off situation than we already have there.

      My prayers go out to the Berg family in this time of confusion and sorrow.

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