The Ugliness Of Polarization On Display

Soldier comes home. She has a baby to take care of. She goes homeless. NYTimes posts a story about it. It’s missing plenty of details. Nevertheless, the folks at Metafilter go to war with each other over it.

The Net maybe one of the causes of our current political self-segregation. Maybe it is. But it is also a great tool to observe it from 20,000 feet. Try it sometime. Listen. You may hear yourself. And you may wonder, what the hell am I doing about what’s going on, other then arguing about it.

BTW, MoveOn’s 50 Ways to Love Your Country is a pretty good book.

2 thoughts on “The Ugliness Of Polarization On Display

  1. It?s an absolute disgrace that someone who served this country comes back to a nightmare like this. Why isn’t this woman on national TV telling everyone her story?

    Why aren’t the two candidates for president even discussing this?

    The dirty little truth is that since the last war with IRAQ the health coverage for soldiers has been pulled out from under them.

    It’s ok, go fight in a war come back fucked up in the head and oh by the way, we’re cutting your coverage. So when you go out to 7-Eleven and go off we’ll blame the war for it.

    While the statue of ex CIA agent saddam hussein was being pulled down. So were the medical coverage plans for the soldiers that got rid of him in the first place.

    Let’s spend 80+ BILLION on other countries and spend zilch on the health/well being, of our military. Real smart.

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