“Bush is running on fear; Kerry can win by running on hope”

That quote says it all. Here is an observation of mine you can take to the bank: “If two candidates are using entirely negative campaigning, the more entrenched candidate will win.” Remember Clinton? Remember how hard the Republicans tried to bring him down? Even with far better reasons, the same tactics will bring the same results against Bush.

A message for Kerry: The way to win is by appealing to all Americans that we are better then this. That we can beat the terrorists. That there are no good reasons for America to have lost the trust of the rest of the world. That fear does not need to rule the day. That together we will win. Divided we will fall. The politics of division serve only those currently power. It is a message that deep down inside, all of us know. Bush used this message against Gore. He will attempt to claim this ground against you. Have your supporters tear down the other candidate (watch the Bush support team and Bush himself and note the differences in their tactics) while you rise above the fray and show optimism and faith in our people (as Bush attempts to do – however poorly – I know you can do better). Explain how you know things are bad, that things can get better, and show us the way.

The politics of division end up supporting the most powerful existing entities. That’s just the way it is. Have faith in the people and we will express our faith in you at the ballot box.

BTW – the quote comes from Arianna Huffington’s weblog.