Janet Jackson and Howard Stern – THERE IS A DIFFERENCE

You would think by the tone of my site I’d say, “About time!”, to news that Clear Channel is suspending broadcasts of Howard Stern. You’d be dead wrong.

1. People who tuned into the Super Bowl got a half time show they didn’t expect.

2. People who tune into Howard Stern know exactly what to expect. It’s not family entertainment and it’s not ment to be.

It’s a huge difference. One that matters.

There is political hay being made over this and other social issues – an uproar that is being encouraged – a fire given fuel – turning our attention away from missing WMDs, missing jobs, missing anthrax suspects, missing Bin Laden, missing future Social Security and so much more.

They are getting away with it and I’m afraid of what’s becoming of our country.

If you don’t like Stern, at least ask yourself: why now?

More details at Classless Warfare. Turns out the offensive word was never even heard on the air and that Stern has been directing more attacks Bush’s way.

You can read more over at Jeff Jarvis’s or Oliver Willis’s.

1 thought on “Janet Jackson and Howard Stern – THERE IS A DIFFERENCE

  1. Religious people and all right winged people
    act like Mel karmazon and CBS planned for this
    to happen. They didnt. They shouldnt be suffering
    for this, nor should Howard Stern. The only people that should be suffering is Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson. Justin did something on national tv that was discusting, and he should be punished. Why punisch CBS ? Why punish Howard stern ? What does Howard Stern have to do with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake ?
    Stupid. But its the right wingers led by george W.Bush that want to turn America into a bible fearing christian wasp nation, and they wont stop until they do. Sad. Anway, I agree with your remarks, People tuned into the superbowl to see a game and a halftime show, not naked breasts, When you tune into Howard, you tune in to see raunchy material.

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