Philly Blogs Now Shows Headlines

The Philly Blogs list is now alive with headlines from my favorite Phildelphia related webloggers, updated every half hour πŸ™‚

Thanks to Dave Winer, who pointed to Blogger Storm, who kept their link credit to mt-rssfeed.

For my purposes, I had to implement something that had a few more features then the BloggerStorm folks. It’s worthy of a longer post, maybe even a how-to piece.

Note to Philly webloggers not publishing RSS: Start doing so and start getting more readers.

Oh – you do recognize the shade of green donchya? Just showing my colors for tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Philly Blogs Now Shows Headlines

  1. I’m not sure there is an established standard. But I will take a look around – I know that’s Dave Winer’s preference. If it’s others… I will change it right away.

    The idea behind keeping it to a half-hour or hour is to keep a RSS reader from throttling a site… but since my aggregator isn’t running on hundreds of machines… just one… is it applicable here?

  2. My aggregator is only running on my machine, and hundreds (thousands?) of other people are also only running it on their machines. It’s the aggregate (ha) of clients that matter, which is why people have coalesced around waiting an hour between polling.

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