Over 20,000 Dead

The earthquake in Iran has brought forth the assistance of many nations. It’s times like these that the Red Cross shows how indispensable it is. Give to it.

They say that the pace of casualties in Iraq has actually risen (WashPost) since Bush declared “mission accomplished”.

Is it that politicians are courting the tech community or is it that the tech community is embracing politics? Either way I think it’s progress (Wired).

The economy is recovering. For everyone but workers that is (NYTimes). Is it entirely true? One thing for certain is that the white collar worker is now facing what the blue collar worker did in the 1980s (Yahoo!). This must be the real new economy (CNN) taking hold. Don’t tell that to workers at I.B.M. (NYTimes) who have gotten some disturbing news.

The terror alerts over Christmas did not dampen our holidays but you can’t say the same for Musharraf (CSMonitor).

The flight cancellations in France (BBC) were topics of discussion however.

Everyone should thank those who stand to protect us overseas and at home.

Did you know that China is changing it’s constitution to protect property rights (IHT)? If so this is a too little talked about positive development for the entire world.

Sometimes volunteering can lead to work (NYTimes).

Did you know that the glass ceiling has been cracked (WashTimes)?: “The Bureau of Labor Statistics data indicates that, as of Nov. 30, women represent 50.6 percent of the 48 million employees in management, professional and related occupations.”

Sometimes we underestimate the value of teaching (Jamie Jamison). My sixth grade teacher had a tremendous impact on my entire life.

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  1. Hi Karl,
    Happy New Year,
    I was actually wondering if you had a copy of the article about the volunteering leading to a job. I volunteer at the Hunger Coalition and I think it might be helpful. I clicked on your link and it sent me to NYtimes registration, which I did, then it sent me to archived articles even though the article is less than three weeks old, and now I’ll need to pay to read it, unless you have a copy, or can figure out from that little narrative what exactly I did wrong.

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  2. After clicking registering, try clicking the link again. And thanks for the compliment.

  3. No dice,
    I clicked the link and it automatically knew who I was, It is so nice to be recognized, even if it is by a machine.
    Anyway, It took me right to the article preview where I was invited to read the little trailer just to get me salivating enough to want more, which I do. So I guess I’ll crack out the $2.95 and purchase it. I was just hoping for free, which is why I asked you first.
    Thanks anyway,

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