Eagles Lose!

It’s a reason why I don’t weblog about my team… I don’t want to jinx ’em! Whadda a rough game (Philly.com)! We had to lose sooner or later. I guess getting it out of the way now is best.

Twenty years ago Trevor Ferrell, an 11 year old boy, my own age then too, asked his parents to drive him down to Center City so that he could give blankets and pillows to the homeless. His efforts inspired many.

People often ask Ferrell how they can help, what they can do. “Spend time with your family,” he tells them. “Raise your kids. Be a parent for your kids.

“One day when I was working construction, I saw a father and his son walk by, and the kid was telling a story. The father wasn’t listening. You could see it in the kid’s face – he knew his father didn’t hear him. I’ll never forget the look of disappointment. And I promised I’d never be that kind of father, that I would always be there for my kids.

“They’re the most important thing in life, not the bills I have to pay or running the shop. If you want your kids to be successful, if you want to make sure they never end up homeless or living on the street, love them by paying attention.”

Today Trevor Ferrell still fights the good fight (Philly.com).

So it’s been over a week and has capturing Saddam help to make us safer? Long term I’m sure of it (VOA). Short term the answer is no as we are raising the alert level (Philly.com) as new warnings come in.

I’m surprised this report slipped thru on CBS’s website, and the liberal media did such a nice follow thru. I mean – wasn’t this story just all over the place? Yeah. Uh-huh. Doesn’t matter much since later reports have a lot of backstepping being pushed.

The further things go along, the more I see Bush getting a Reaganesque landslide in next year’s election. As it stands the Democrats are by far a longshot (NYTimes) at putting forth a winner. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to vote for one however. The Republicans are doing a far better job at communicating what people want to hear.

Could technology empower the end of the two party system in America (Washington Post)?

There was a milestone in flight this week – not just a special anniversary but Wednesday SpaceShipOne broke the speed barrier and made it to 68,000 feet (Slashdot)!

Outsourcing is a problem! Outsourcing isn’t a problem! I guess it counts upon whether you are the benefactor or the victim as to your point of view. India is a rising star (BusinessWeek) anyway you slice it.

We’re going to miss you Dave. At least in the weblogging sense 🙂

I should change my subtitle to the weekend weblogger!

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