Once Around The Philly Blogger Way…

We’re all over the map here in Philly. You got music, politics, culture. I could limit my weblogging just to Philly folks and be just fine. Here goes a few great posts amoungst the many:

Would you like to hear Ten easy steps to change the world? Then read Slacktivist’s Guerrilla Voter Registration guide. Kick ass post.

There was a peace deal in the offing before the Iraq war (The Pennsylvania Gazette). Reported a while back. No one cares it seems.

Did you know that there is a contest taking place for a new Pennsylvania slogan (The Lighter Side of Rittenhouse)?

Democrats aren’t permanently out of power. But they need to “(as Gingrish proved with the Contract for America) is to put forth a bold vision and run against the opposition’s tangible record.” Otherwise nothing will change (Pandagon).

The move to a major label hasn’t hurt Hatebreed (Cleveland.com) so says Chris Puzak. If you like comics or metal… he should be in your regular rotation.

“Self-perpetuating corporate success machines” is what Jim DeRogatis, music critic for the Chicago Sun-Times, calls U2 and R.E.M. in Adam Bonin’s interview with him.

Good economic news == Democratic candidate train wreck? So says Alex Charyna.

The U.S. Consitution at risk? Of WMDs? That’s the scary bit of news that weblog home.

RSS for independent band news? I think it’s a great idea (The Phoenix Trap).

Is there academic freedom on campus? For teachers? There is a price we pay for a kindler gentler campus says Erin O’Connor, Professor of English at University of Pennsylvania.

Is iTunes part of the problem? not so says this review at Crushing Krisis.

The last thing she wants to do today is go to Fishtown (gofish). I can relate.

Nice to read some good Thanksgiving day thoughts (Malcolm Friend).

Ever wonder what it’s like to run the Philadelphia Marathon (Owl-Dragon). I am wayyy to outta shape to even think about it.

The new Nokia 6600 (MobileBurn) looks sweet.

Why should we care about the Economy growing at 8.2 percent (Geof Castle) ?

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  1. I was only asking about setting up RSS feeds for the main band page and the other players’ blogs. I don’t know about setting up feeds for indies in general.

    Since it’s a bit of work (that is, until Blogger enables RSS feeds for non-Pro users), I was wondering if it was worth the effort.

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