Fellow Webloggers On Recent Events

Sometimes it’s just easier for me to point you to the opinions of others I agree with – besides – it’s a popular weblogging technique – so here goes:

Garret says that ‘video game? mentality works against us in gathering intelligence. Technology isn’t the only answer and data alone doesn’t provide clarity.

Oliver Willis predicts where we’re going in Iraq over the next year – just in time for the election. History suggests it’s a very bad idea (CSMonitor).

Jeff Jarvis provides a passionate argument for a living memorial in NY that requires care and maintenance.

Rafe Colburn shares a great Wesley Clark quote. Earlier he mentions that Clark is for a flag burning ban. Clark’s a mixed bag so far. I don’t know what to think.

Shelley Powers makes a great point that to achieve a goal sometimes you can’t be such an ideologue.

And some stories of note:

Do you know what a President Bush advisor recently admitted (Guardian)?

With all the hubbub about gay marriage – hey – what are the real threats to it (Slate)? Amen, Amen, AMEN!

Of course, now most people are trying to find time for love in the age of no time at all (NYTimes).

Do you know how Wal-Mart achieves it’s low-low-prices? They come at a high cost, higher then you can imagine (Fast Company).

So much for techno-weblog-utopia, social systems just spread from one media, to another (Washington Post). human nature being what it is after all.

Do you know how divided we are polically (Pew Research)? Could it be as bad as 1860? (Washington Post)?

It’s easy to become homeless. Real easy. But there are some basic steps you can take to protect yourself (John Grogan, Philadelphia Inquirer).

If you’re still paying attention to terrorism news (and so many I know have just tuned out), you are probably scratching your head over recent attacks. Don’t. It’s not really confusing. Because the enemy isn’t just an organization – it’s an ideology. It’s a brand (Washington Post).

It’s the President’s duty to honor the sacrifice of those who serve (Center for American Progress). How come Bush doesn’t?

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