Why Buffy Kicked Ass

Buffy, excluding its last, never-shoulda-happened season, was one of the most unique pieces of fiction I have read or seen anywhere. It had characters that you can relate to, humor that was actually clever, and story lines that compelled you to watch. But it featured something I have yet to see in any other series – long term consequences. Each character has had face consequences for their actions – sometimes severe. And in facing the aftermath of both good deeds and bad – there were lessons imparted, and growth.

Virginia Postrel, in this Reason Online story shares some precepts that are imparted from the show:

  • Evil exists.
  • Redemption is possible. Bad guys can reform! Good guys can be seduced or willingly choose wrong – and they can reform as well! Whadda concept!
  • Evil must be fought. If you don’t face it – it will overtake you.
  • Evil never goes away. Better said: There is always more evil out there. Sometimes evil can reform. See “Redemption is possible”.
  • We don?t get to choose our reality. Life isn’t fair. You need to deal with the cards you’re delt. Again – whadda concept!
  • We do get to choose what we do. You get to play your own hand.

  • And let me add one: Everything you do matters. Even if you think you are the most inconsequential of characters in a larger play, everything you do brings consequences either for yourself or others.