Nickel and Dimed

In my off time I’ve been reading “Nickel and Dimed” by Barbara Ehrenreich. I highly recommend it. Speaking from experience – it is a clear look into reality for the forgotten America – the working poor. Ehrenreich, by jumping in the trenches with those that actually make this country work has written a highly readable book. Not facts and figures, but stories of daily struggle thru the eyes of an observer. The kind of stories that are lost in the daily din.

Are there any related weblogs people would recommend? I’m not talking about hard-core rant sites. I’m talking about sites that are as focused as this book is on the daily struggle, with additional tips on how to not only survive it, but overcome it.

1 thought on “Nickel and Dimed

  1. She expresses her ideas and opinions very strongly so it seems humorous at first, but the tragedy lingers in your mind. Then, you can’t help but to wonder; what should we do about the people who get screwed over by the Capitalism State? However, I have to admit she is a bit too idealistic for me, but we need more people as liberal as she to integrate with the conservatives. Sounds weird, but the conflict will balance things out.
    She really makes me think about both sides of the poverty issue in the United States.

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