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Any pointers on great Flash MX sites for newbies? From a developer perspective?

Update: You can download a fully functional trial edition (expires after 15 days) from Macromedia. It comes with a full set of tutorials to get you started. The environment kinda reminds me of VB and Paradox for Windows.

moock.org’s blog is a weblog by the author of O’Reilly’s “ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide”. A book I am digging into. Very well written and easy to follow.

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  1. I have been doing Flash<>Java work for a while now and have yet to find a good community of developers doing this type of work to bounce ideas off of. Perhaps we should start a mailing list?


  2. Thanks for the pointers Andrew.

    Ryan, that sounds like a neat idea. Do you have examples of tools built that way?

  3. I would be interested too. I have done several applications flash java aswell.

  4. It is also interesting to note that other products are now able to output Flash (.swf) output. For example, OpenOffice.org (the most popular open source Office Suite) can export presentations as .swf applets that can be embedded in web pages. (A point of note: I opened my PowerPoint 2002 Presentation in OpenOffice.org and exported it to .swf. It worked fine mostly, but the hyperlinks in the text of my presentation did not remain hyperlinks, even though they did retain their link highlighted look.

    Are there other open source tools that can output Flash applets? Is .swf an open standard?

  5. I’m a member of a co-op that has a box at serverbeach. I’ll setup a list. Who’s in?

    Andrew, Karl: you guys want to send me your email addresses?

    I’ll send you guys the info when it’s ready later this week. Perhaps then Karl could do a bit of evangelism on his blog ( get some visibility on javablogs ).


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