A Reason to Vote

“People don’t need more opinions, we already drown in data. People need clarity. Drill down.” That’s from my mission statement. This is a perfect opportunity to put that to practice and give you cynics out there a civics lesson.

What Senator Santorum said helps you to realize there are differences between the political parties. Pay attention to the related court case which will help define – constitutionally – many important questions, and is a demonstration of how important our choice of President is for whom he or she nominates to the Supreme Court.

Think about what the Senator said. What it says about him, his party, it’s leadership’s silence, and the questions poised by the court case.

For or against – think deeply about it.

Cynics shrug their shoulders and don’t vote.

It’s for reasons like these that exemplify why you must.

Register to vote . Make your opinion known when it counts – on election day.

One thought on “A Reason to Vote

  1. Thank you on all counts here.

    I am glad someone else besides me sees that it isn’t about “well, what he said doesn’t represent the party’s views.” To which I try to explain (just as I did with Lott “It isn’t about what HE said, it is about what your party leadership ISNT saying.” If the republican party is not about racism, sexism, and the like, then why do they stay quiet and not call for resignations or censures, ANYTHING, on their members who show that they still think very narrow-mindedly. Please don’t say the dems don’t speak up when one of their own does something like this. Clinton was all by himself when he went through his scandle. The leadership of that party spoke up very clearly and loudly during that whole crapola event.
    Bush and his repul-blican government are tearing this country and all that was acomplished before he took office.
    God forbid if he gets his away appointing justices.

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