Move east young man…

CSMonitor: Pacific Coast as a boom-bust belt. Everything changes. For so long we’ve been told the opportunity is on the West Coast. No longer.

Steve, you will like this one… 46% of all duct tape is produced by the Manco Company – a $100,000 GOP campaign contributor. Irrelevant? You decide.

For you Wal-Mart haters, a look at the good and bad of the Wal-Mart empire in Fortune Magazine. via Dane Carlson.

Looks like Internet usage made a difference in Korean politics.

Speaking of net usage making a difference, learn How Protesters Mobilized So Many and So Nimbly.

A bunch of WashingtonPost readers are pissed at the paper for revealing too much about operations in Iraq. It seems nothing can be kept a secret anymore. I’m all for investigative reporting, but why did they need to publish those details? They didn’t help the reader to better understand the conflict. They didn’t educate the reader as to the news. They didn’t expose to the reader important facts that they needed to know.

Burningbird and Scripting News continue to have the best commentary on the Google+Blogger deal.

Mike looks more and more like a weblogger to me as he begins “phase three”…

According to Newton (yes THAT Newton) the end of the world is soon anyway. Party like it’s 1999.

A must-see website: America used to be the workshop of the world. What are we now? (I think this is via dangerousmeta).