Good news. bad news, craziness

First the good – Mike is considering to resume blogging. I have the very same feelings about Mike’s efforts that Jonathon Delacour did. He’s a great conversation starter and will get you thinking in terms you may be uncomfortable with. He’s back on my on blogroll in anticipation of getting those controversial discussions started up again.

Wired asks Why did Google Want Blogger? while the BBC questions whether Google has grown too powerful. The NYTimes has the best summary I think.

Jeff Jarvis defends his take on “Mr. Duct Tape”.. More and more it looks like a bad episode of South Park. Well… there are no bad episodes of South Park so take that as you may…

A thing that strikes me is how we’ve squandered the world’s support after 9/11. Click the link or the image to the right and know people across the globe stood with us. The attack backfired as far as world opinion went. Now that united spirit has been fractured, maybe even lost. Whose fault is that? You decide.

Update 2/24/2003: The Washington Post decided on publishing a story on this today. How timely.

The anniversary of Daniel Pearl’s horrific murder just passed by. Read his wife’s impassioned plea to attack the real enemy. We must be intolerant to intolerance and fanatical against fanaticism. True evil lies within each.