Year In Review

Some sites for your browsing pleasure…

CNN: Year in ReviewNo one can compete with CNN. See reports on previous years as well.

CSMonitor: Monitor Milestones: 2002 Year in ReviewCulling their coverage of the big stories this year. The only year end review that mentions the horror and progress simultaneously occuring in Africa.

Popular Science: The Best of What’s NewGadgets and other consumer goodies. The year in technology. A little less high tech and closer to home is CNET’s Best of the Buzz.

Wired: The Year In PrivacyCitizens lose.

Google: Year-End ZeitgeistCheck out what people searched for at Google. Looks like a mixed bag.

Lycos: Top 50Some human analysis on what people searched for – Example: Boy bands out, talent in.

Yahoo!: Year in ReviewLots here but why don’t they have music?

Time: Persons of the YearThey made the right choices. Top 10 Space Science Images of 2002.

NewsWeek: The Year of Living Dangerously.

WashPost: Dave Barry: Poking cautiously through the wreckage of 2002.

Alternet: The Good, The Bad, The Worst and’s Diana West: Questions for reflectionFrom the Left and Right respectively.

NYTimes: James Traub: Osama, Dead or Alive.

Inquirer: Joseph N. DiStefano: The Year of Corporate Scandal.

Inquirer: Tom Moon: Music: Cynicism was out, replaced by sincerity. Meaningless pop is dead – or at least wounded. Britney and Christina bombed this year. Pink didn’t. Think about it. “Ironic/Angst Ridden/My Life Sucks and I’m just gonna cry in my room or hit your face” meaningless crap – gone. No more Limp Bizkit. It was a prime time for some lyrical music. Shame Metallica wasn’t back in their best mid-80s form. Woulda kicked some ass.

NYTimes: Chuck Klosterman: The Ratt Trap: Dee Dee Ramone, B. 1952; Robbin Crosby, B. 1959the demise of Ramone completely overshadowed the demise of Crosby – why? – what does it say about you?

Inquirer: Clea Benson: Small steps take hold for a Philadelphia on the riseMost Philadelphians don’t realize how well it’s been dealing with the recession in comparison to the rest of the country. We had crime drop here. Change has been slow, but it’s happening. Things set in motion years ago are making a positive effect in the here and now.