2 thoughts on “Happy New Years Everyone

  1. Karl,
    Was great to see you guys again. I really felt bad about not getting in touch with you and Dante sooner, but email is impersonal when it comes to talking about certain things.

    Reagardless, we are in touch again and we shall not lose it. Feel free to hop on over to my web page, its always a work in progress and I am going top revamp it again (I host my own site, but dont’ tell road runner ;> ) Its running on win2k server running apache for windows. I plan on moving my web server to a linux box running apache and loading mt or some decent blog software on there. I’d like to share m stories in a blog. More to come on that though.

    Again, thanks for the party, had a great time and I hope I didn’t spread my bug around to anybody 🙂 Happy New Year and talk to you soon.


  2. Thanks Steve 🙂 It was great having you there dude. We’ll be talking soon 🙂

    I hope your travels go well.

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