The Story Changes – A Few Words Aren’t Enough

Yesterday I posted my story in five words or less, or attempted to at least.

Shelley’s keeping track of others doing the same. And it’s forming a song!

In anycase, it doesn’t seem right (no – not the song – the song is perfect). A few words aren’t enough (hey that’s five words too!). I do have a singular mission statement. A code I try and live by. But that’s not the same.

To summarize the story of my entire life as a five word phrase… I realize it’s an effort that people should try, but guess what? I think my story has changed based upon the hands I’ve been delt in life – and believe me – every hand I’ve played has led to a new story.

Maybe I shouldn’t use the poker metaphor – I stink at cards.

There maybe archtypes that I might subconsciously try and fit myself into. Yes I bet there are. Archtypes… what’s your archtype?

Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” came to mind when I posted what I did previously and I should have mentioned it.

If there is one story that we maybe following – unintentionally, but unavoidably – maybe it *is* the monomyth (also called The Hero’s Journey). Maybe. I think. Read the book. You decide.

  • The Hero’s Journey – A Summary – A short summary of the steps in The Hero’s Journey.

  • the hero’s journey – An environment to explore the classic mythical story structure and to create your own stories. this looks pretty cool! You writers out there wanna check this out! (hint, hint, hint)

  • The Monomyth – Reference at UC Berkely.

  • National Catholic Reporter – The hero is us – Great article considering that many Catholics believe that Campbell promoted a sort of universal religion.

    That leads to a frightening thought… what phase of the journey am I on? This time?