John Scalzi: “Being poor and not feeling rich are not the same thing, don’t confuse the two”

John Scalzi, in “Why Not Feeling Rich is Not Being Poor, and Other Things Financial”, reacts to those employing his powerful piece, “Being Poor” against the (in my opinion) lack of empathy Todd Henderson shown in his piece complaining about being classified rich while earning greater than $250,000 (original piece deleted, this version is from Google’s cache). The anger that erupted over the post has led him to unfortunately quit blogging.

I post both these pieces more to show the very differing perspectives both have and John Scalzi’s followup went far to try and illustrate that. I’d rather see Henderson continue to blog and share his point of view because while you or I may vehemently disagree (I do), we are richer to have it in the public sphere.

1 thought on “John Scalzi: “Being poor and not feeling rich are not the same thing, don’t confuse the two”

  1. How very nice of google to cache his article after HE decided to delete it. I guess when you click delete that doesn’t mean anything anymore.

    A writer doesn’t need to ever apologize for their process while being creative. It’s their words, their meaning, and the intentions that drove them to write in the first place. To allow the peanut gallery to sway your process is to sniffle your creative abilities. In this case the good Professor was stating an opinion. And in my opinion he’s right and justified in what he said regardless of the parasites that loomed around his blog leaving “boo hoo,” comments to his piece.

    This is what happens when you have a person of Marxist/Communist background running a country. They bring in their ideology that what’s yours is theirs. I sensed that vibe in Henderson’s write.

    He and his wife are doing what they can to support and help their family thrive. It’s his money. He earned it, the government has no write to take it under the faux pretense of believing he is uber rich.

    Margaret Thatcher once said: “Socialism works until you run out of other people’s money.” I think that applies here.

    The dual edge of the sword is when you post online to a blog or a forum under your real name you leave yourself exposed to all kinds of critters. Some are kind, and many are childish animals who are just jealous. It seems that Professor Henderson was attacked by the people that just loom around blogs and destroy anybody that criticizes the fraud sitting in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    How very sad…

    The truth is that the sunset of those tax cuts will affect people like him, and those that have small businesses. If you look at where jobs are created, most small businesses are the ones that will hire as their business expands.

    The geniuses that are dead set and determined to run America into the ground obviously didn’t look at how Japan got out of their recession a few decades back. You don’t rebound by raising taxes, you rebound by cutting taxes. If companies have more money they will hire more staff, if they have less or are subjected to overtaxing, they take their ball and go home.

    In America now it seems as if the person that strives to be independent and hard working is supporting the sit-on-your-ass crowd that wants a handout. I wonder what they will do when the producers of wealth turn and go find another country to settle in?

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