Around My Web Of Co-Workers and Ex-Co-Workers

Rajiv Pant, my former manager at Knight Ridder, shares some thoughts about the Future of Content Management for News Media for Web sites.

The apartment of Jesse, a co-worker at CIM, was robbed. He posted pictures of the culprit and thru social media like Digg got some justice: McFearsome: Blog Archive – WOW, You’re a MORON!

Anandhan Subbiah, my manager at CIM, has a post up about the horror of Seal culling.

Jon Moore discusses REST as Unix programming for the Web.

And Arpit, CIM Flash extraordinaire, celebrates his 100th post.

And congrats to Gabo on becoming UX Lead for Joost.

From the Philly Future side of things, Howard Hall’s poetry is a daily must read for me.

Albert Yee is going to have his photography highlighted this Friday.

And Scott is putting up a podcast about moving in with Marisa.

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