A blog with cross-purposes – my nephew said go to MySpace

I use this blog to communicate with friends and family, while discussing technology and sometimes politics. The funny thing is the folks who read this are *very* diverse – the tech folks couldn’t care less about the politics and my friends and family couldn’t care less about either the tech *or* the politics.

Ahhh.. what to do? Maybe indicators as to what kind of post is something is so that it can be safely skipped?

My smart and talented nephew told me I should dump the blog and go to MySpace. Why do all that work? Where are your friends? Blogs aren’t cool. They suck.

4 thoughts on “A blog with cross-purposes – my nephew said go to MySpace

  1. Hmmm. I just don’t picture you as a Myspacer, Karl… of course, (and I’m only guessing this) your nephew probably isn’t much into the drier content you cover, is he? It’s a rare 14 year-old who salivates over tech talk or politics. Though I could be wrong…

  2. Excuse me for being critical before I actually do so bro but where to start as to why NOT to go to myspace?

    It’s slow.
    It’s interface is clunky.
    There is no garauntee of privacy
    The guy who runs it is technically inept and focused on nothing but money
    The end user experience is dreadful – You don’t know where one thing starts or another thing ends. It reminds me of trying to read one of those public cork boards on a university campus.

    Dude, keep this blog. It is clean. It is easy to read and although I do not comment much, I do frequent it often and do enjoy it.

  3. Oh I’m not switching Steve, but ya never know what we’ll all be doing a couple years from now.

  4. Myspace remind me a bit of an ultrazone (lasertag places). It is fun the first couple of times but then quickly becomes annoying because it is nothing but silly teenagers running around spewing the same stupid teenaged crap over ad over again. IT is too loud, too teenaged and too boring.

    Did we ever act like that when we were teens? I thought we used to have some intelligent conversations for our age and time….

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