How do you handle this?

Lets say you have a friend, one you have a rough history with to be sure, but was once a friend nevertheless, and everytime you reach your hand out, it gets bitten off? That to continue to reach out is to be subjected to put-downs and insults. That your every move is judged as a negative one and an attack – that this very post will be regarded as one – when all you are doing is reaching out?

Well what do you do? I know what my other friends have suggested – and I’ve tried to do otherwise. I’ve tried to build a bridge. Cause that’s what I believe in doing. I’m a bridge builder.

But when the dude keeps blowing it up… well damn. It’s just depressing. Have I just allowed myself to be used? Again and again?

Makes my heart sink.

11 thoughts on “How do you handle this?

  1. I’ve never been one to try to rebuild bridges. Once one has set fire to it, I’ve always said fuck ’em and walked away.

    But that’s just me. I can be a real dick sometimes, but not unwarrentedly so. It takes more than just saying “sorry” after the fact for me.

    My advice would be to walk away. You have other people more appreciative of your kindness and energies.

  2. Saddly, I’m afraid you’re right. All I’ve done is afford this person is respect – and he does what ever it takes to make himself look good at my expense.

    I made the mistake of going into his comments to try and defend myself. I’m not going there again. He will just continue to use it to attack me for some reason.

    Sad man. Just sad.

  3. Karl – Please don’t come back, you know exactly what you did. My viewer don’t want to hear you cry a bridge. Please don’t return because they don’t want you there, and I don’t want you there.

    You betrayed me, so cry your river elsewhere.

    Don’t worry I won’t be returning here to comment again. I don’t hold Marisa responsible, she didn’t know. You on the other hand pointed the way to domains that could easily direct that blogger meetup. I don’t have problems with them, just you.

    You brought it on yourself.

    – Neo

  4. I didn’t take the picture, nor point people to it.

    Please show me the post where I did?

    You can’t.

    If I wanted to “betray” you – I would have posted a link to the pic – which I still haven’t done.

    And won’t do. Because I won’t stoop to whatever level your accusing me of.

    I don’t appreciate a lie being spread about me. Nor do I appreciate being called an asshole from your blog.

    Cry? I’m sad. Sad because you keep twisting anything I do in relationship to you. But I’m not crying. Sad and.. confused as to your motives. Because they certainly don’t make sense. Maybe from a PR perspective.. maybe. But to use me to get some PR points… damn man that ain’t right.

    As for you not coming here again – ok – whatever. You’ve said that three times already and keep coming back and eventually attacking me.

    I think it’s a safe bet there are a few more posts from you attacking me down the line in fact.

    But whatever. I hope you find your peace dude.

    God bless.

  5. So Albert….

    My respect level was such that I wouldn’t even say who the person was. I wanted to give him the opportunity to fix things. Instead I’m slammed. So there it goes.

  6. I had no idea that a simple meetup could cause such drama, however, there is one thing I do know: friends don’t attack each other.

    Therefore, it would seem to me that you two were never truly friends, or that my idea of friendship is incorrect (though we all know I am seldom wrong).

  7. Hi Scott, I haven’t attacked him yet. But maybe you have a point. Don’t sweat it. You’ve done a terrific job encouraging folks to come and it would suck if you let some immaturity (or a PR ploy – or just a stupid misunderstanding – I can’t tell which), get in the way.

    There are bound to be sparks when you get creative people together. That’s like… my whole purpose of my being – ya know?

    BTW Scott, what I posted to Criscipline’s blog:

    That is what he deleted from his blog and then went nuclear on.

    She had asked why she wasn’t invited to the blogger meetup. He said maybe next month. I wanted her to know there were no invites. EVERYONE is invited.

    I can’t see what I said wrong there. I even gave him props.

  8. Hi Karl, Missed you at the meetup yesterday. And you missed my fabulous cookies (what were you thinking??) I was chatting with Neo and he mentioned that you guys have known each other for a really long time. Just my opinion, but I hope both of you can cool off and be OK with each other. I’m not taking sides; I can’t since I haven’t a clue, but I hope whatever it is can be moved beyond and put in perspective. I haven’t posted this to his blog yet, but I’ll probably email him and see if I can help. Don’t know if it will work, but I’ll give it a shot.

  9. He’s attacking me Melissa – and encouraging a bunch to join in at his site based upon a lie.

    I have no beef with him.

    The lie? He claims I posted some links – or directions – to a photo of him.

    But he won’t produce the post that I supposidly did this with.

    Ask him to produce it. He won’t. He can’t.

    So that is where this stands.

    I appreciate your effort however – and am sorry about the cookies 🙂

  10. Great to see you cash. This is all bullshit.

    He’s deleted almost all of my comments – and left two – in a bad effort to take me out of context.

    This is life. Live and let live – and learn.

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