Blogs Tools for Public Service Announcements?

ol cranky has shared at Philly Future an intriguing idea whose time has come – I suggest blog PSAs (public service announcements) for missing persons; yes, I’m suggesting blogs become today’s milk cartons. My ultimate goal (with which I need help, since I have no idea how to do this myself) is for bloggers to be able to register somewhere so they can place missing person PSAs on their blog that will be generated randomly to rotate those currently on police/FBI blotters as missing persons.

1 thought on “Blogs Tools for Public Service Announcements?

  1. Hello, I have a blog at blogspot, and a podcast concerning the very same idea you are proposing here. Let me know if I can help. I so far only have been able to post psa’s which are public domain, which, in my opinion, they should all be, so that awareness (the key) is easily spread. Please let me know if and how I may help in this regard.


    Sandi Currier
    scurrier1 podcast

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