Six more days – get involved

This blog, and plenty of others, have shared the importance of what’s going on. Philadelphia and the surrounding burbs can swing the tide of Pennsylvania. By all accounts PA is a must win state for Kerry.

There are plenty of great ways you can get involved and help to make a difference with the election. In fact, the choices are bewildering. But let me break it down for you.

You can join me and the great iFlipFlop folks at PA Victory. It’s the official Pennsylvania Democratic Party campaign for Kerry and Edwards.

You can take a more independent route and join the foward looking team at MoveOn. If you are in Northeast Philly call my Kerry Meetup friend Charlie Miller at 215-885-5544. If you are in other parts of Philly see Mithras. Area phone numbers: Allentown: 610-821-9761, Bryn Mawr: (610) 520 1920, Jenkintown: (215) 572 1310, Langhorne: (215) 757-4680, Philadelphia: (215) 592 0967, West Chester: 610-719-8160.

You can volunteer with the non-partisan Committee of Seventy, assisting voters and monitoring the election. Call 215-557-3600.
You can

It’s easy to get involved. Both groups will work with you on the time you can commit and what you feel comfortable with.

1 thought on “Six more days – get involved

  1. What a surprise. (see article below)

    I didn’t see this coming. (sarcastic)

    I’m starting to wonder what the point of voting is. How can you honestly call this a fair and free election with bullshit like this going on?

    Not like I didn’t try to warn anyone.


    Florida computers snatch thousands of votes from Kerry
    Harper’s Magazine
    Thursday, October 28, 2004


    Before one vote was cast in early voting this week in Florida, the new touch-screen computer voting machines of Florida started out with a several-thousand vote lead for George W. Bush. That is, the mechanics of the new digital democracy boxes “spoil” votes at a predictably high rate in African-American precincts, effectively voiding enough votes cast for John Kerry to in a tight race, keep the White House safe from the will of the voters.


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