Eagles Lose And Hearts Are Broken (Again)

We have a inferiority complex in Philly – there is too much talk about “destiny” and there are too many who lay the blame for not having a national sports title in twenty or so years at it’s feet (WashingtonPost). I believe in teams giving it their best – and when destiny hands you an opportunity – you take it – last night the other team did so.

So here goes some Monday morning quarterbacking… I rarely do this here but like many in Philly I’m pissed and want to vent:

People, right on que, are starting to blame McNabb and Coach Reid – and that’s a shame because they miss the point – football is a team sport and at the championship level requires more then just one player pulling everone else up:

All of the blame for the Eagles’ demise should not be pinned on McNabb. His top two receivers – James Thrash and Todd Pinkston – combined for one catch for 9 yards and rarely got open against the Panthers’ secondary. The Eagles dropped a total of six passes.

Carolina’s Ricky Manning, a rookie cornerback who said that he was unimpressed with the Eagles’ receivers leading up to the game, showed even less respect for them on the field. He finished the day with three interceptions, including one in the third quarter after a jarring hit by safety Mike Minter caused Thrash to lose the all.

Read the rest in the Inquirer.

I have to add: While that hit on McNabb may have been legal – it was one of the most low down shots I’ve ever seen. You know the Panthers wanted to take McNabb out of the game – and they got away with it. Lets hope the Eagles keep some of the players they may lose (how can they lose Duce?!?!) – and get in some new receivers.

Thanks for another great run Eagles!

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  1. A Championship in this town is a dream in which we all seem to wake from right before it happens.

    “Having dreams is what makes life tolerable.”
    -From the movie, Rudy


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