Poverty on the Rise

I realize to some that this news is a few days old, my weblogging schedule not what is once was. There is something you should know, if you are not aware…

The poverty threshold for a family of four is $18,392. For individuals the amount is $9,183. The percentage of people in severe poverty, those with incomes below half of the poverty threshold, increased to 14.1 million from 13.4 million.

That “threshold” is ridiculously low. In whose pipe-dream world is a family of four, earning $25k a year, no, even $30k a year, not in poverty?!? A family of four can live off of $18,392? What world is this? Oh – yeah – the third world!

The first thing any compassionate conservative should do is raise that threshold to a reasonable level. I would expect no less from any true liberal. If there are any anymore.

Read Nickel and Dimed for a dose of reality.