Bye-bye Buffy

Tonight’s the end. If you haven’t watched the series before I suggest not tuning in since its plot line will leave you spinning. Chuck it up to missing a TV show that when it was bad, it was good, and when it was good, it was great. If you were too stuck up to get past the title – your loss bub.

Two keeper sites: The Buffy Dialog Database, and The Buffy Chords Page (tablature!).

The show has reached its end anyway. Kinda like 90210, it had it’s best footing before it’s characters reached adulthood. In the end I will think of it like I think of the “X-Files”, “Star Trek The Next Generation”, “The Prisoner”, “Doctor Who”, or “Star Blazzers”. It’s just one of those shows ya know? BTW, too many forget that “Xena” came along first. Buffy could only happen after Xena had a strong run for a couple of years. Barrier busters always get forgotten don’t they? At least this Washington Post article mentions Xena briefly.

Salon has a good interview with Joss Whedon. It’s other Buffy related article isn’t worth linking to today. How many times can you read the same things?

Beware clicking any of the links above today if you don’t want to read any spoilers. If you are looking for more linkage, check out Whedonesque.