What Is Important in Life

Karl Martino – 9/30/2001

The terrorist attacks have hammered home just how precious life is and that our time here can end in a blink of an eye.

My family was affected emotionally from those events, but something even closer to home was to happen.

On September 15th, just four days later, my nephew, Hunter, 3 and 1/2 months old, passed away from SIDS. His eyes would light up at the sight of people he recognized. His smile would lighten your heart. His chuckle was loud and made you want to chuckle too.

We will miss him with all our hearts.

Dante and Katie’s family fills me with hope and I am proud of them. Their children, including Mathew, ten, and Brendan, three, blow me away. They share their love and compassion with everyone they know. You could not meet a more loving, giving family.

It is in that spirit they have started the Sleeping Angels Fund. It helps to provide memorials for those who have been touched by infant death and do not have the financial means.

I am taking down two of my websites to spend more time with my family. PhillyFuture.org and PhillyStories.com. These sites had fans but the work they took to maintain made them distractions.

This site has taken on a sprawling character and I intend to keep it simple and pare it down. Time is better spent elsewhere.

Additionally, this has led me to reconsider my career. I am a well established corporate developer. Does my work make a difference for the better in this world or simply pay the bills? The latter. By far. It’s a goal of mine for that to change.

The lives we lead are important. How we spend our time is what counts. Spend it on compassion. Spend it on life. Spend it on love.