What could you/we/us do to help the Gulf Coast?

It is easy to be depressed about the oil leak in the Gulf Coast. It is easy to feel helpless. It is easy to feel ineffectual rage.

So don’t.

Share what is it that you, me, we, us can do to help the Gulf Coast in the here and now? (examples: aid packages, directed money, etc)

Share what is it that you, me, we, us can do to help the Gulf Coast from ever experiencing a man-made tragedy like this again in the future? (examples: carpooling, public transportation drives, home energy usage improvements, etc)

We are not helpless.

Don’t be fearful and not offer an idea because it is not a fleshed out solution. An idea you have might turn into a solution when others see it and can build off of it.

PS – I will be taking your suggestions to our CIM Volunteers meeting.

6 responses

  1. To help in the hear and now, create a website with lists of businesses that are still functioning and can be supported through web purchases.

    Create a clearing house website of where to donate based on people’s interests.

    Twitter feed with info about the good things going on in the gulf.

    Just a few quick thoughts,

  2. Create a website reference of all consumer products and rate them in categories by efficiency. Ensure that the efficiency score takes development, production and distribution energy costs into account when rating the overall product. Put two monetary values next to the score: overall $cost/product, consumer $cost/product. Bonus points for tracking the percent of overall cost for any given product being paid for by the government(i.e. subsidies, grants for R&D…etc).

  3. Hi fate – that sounds like a great an doable idea too. One that you’d think Consumer Reports would love to develop.

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